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Madison County Historical Society
Madison County Virginia (VA)

The following time line identifies significant and interesting events in the history of Madison County.

year event
1725 German settlers created Hebron community. Madison was then part of Spotsylvania County.
1726 German settlers took patents or deeds to their land. Recorded in Spotsylvania County and known as German Bounds.
1727 First Hebron Church built, essentially a log cabin.
1728 Second group of Patents and Deeds made increasing settlement beyond original bounds.
1732 Orange County created  from Spotsylvania and includes current Madison County.
1735 Dispute between Governor Spotswood and Lord Fairfax over ownership of land in Madison County area. Eventually decided by Privy Council of England. Fairfax owned all land to Conway River (now Middle River). The southern boundary would be the Fairfax line. This land would be the southern county of Northern Virginia. Final area established by 1745 survey of Thomas Lewis.
1748 Culpeper County created from Orange County and includes current Madison County.
1752  Bromfield Episcopal Parish formed.
1752 Calendar was changed. The year began March 25th instead of January 1st.
1752 James Madison born.
1756 Madison soldiers mustered out in French and Indian War.
1759 The town of Fairfax (now Culpeper) was established.
1763 Taxes amounted to forty cents per year, one sixteenth of amount in England.
1765 Justices in Culpeper signed petition against stamps tax, including Justice George Weatherall of Criglersville.
1766 Baptist preachers began preaching in the county.
1768 German Lutherans had to pay a levy to the Episcopal Church and had to be married by Episcopal ministers.
1770 Billy Carpenter's shop was in existence in Haywood producing spinning wheels, looms, etc.
1771 Prior to the Revolution, every person was compelled to pay tithes to the Episcopal Church. The dues in this year were five pounds of tobacco.
1773 Rapidan Baptist Church formed at Wolftown with 37 members.
1774 Robert Williams preached first Methodist sermon at home of Henry Fry.
1775 Madison men were included in the formation of the Culpeper Minutemen.
1776  Madison soldiers were at the burning of Norfolk.
1792 Madison County formed
1799 Population of County at 8,322
1830 Current County courthouse completed
1832 Piedmont Episcopal Church consecrated.piedmont
1845 Main crops were tobacco, hemp, flax, and wheat.
1850 Smallpox epidemic rages.
1858 First newspaper is printed.
1871 Public schools begin.
1883 James Kemper is elected Governor.
1918 Blight kills most chestnut trees.
1919 Destructive fire in Town of Madison.
1926 First power line.
1926 Shenandoah National Park established.
1929 President Hoover has a camp built on the Rapidan.
1937 Fire department was formed.
1970 Population was 8,537.
2008 Madison population 13,398.